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    President's Report

    It’s that time again. I’m not talking about spring, income tax returns, prepping for graduations, or anything like that.  I’m talking about volunteering for your local APICS Chapter. 

    The need for volunteers all across our community is great. Earlier this month I heard a call for volunteers for the 2018 500 Festival; they were looking for up to 7,000 volunteers. Seven Thousand! That number is astounding to me.  The need is always great.  Social organizations (Big Brother/Big Sisters), after school tutors, mentors, churches, food pantries, shelters … the list goes on and on.

    Why do it? Why volunteer?  Well, it is just a plain good thing to give help where help is needed.  The recipient is grateful; the givers feel like they made a difference.  And that’s what we all want, right? 

    To make a difference?

    Well, let me add a little realism to our altruistic venture(s): It is okay to be selfish about volunteering. Why? Because it is good for your health:

    • Volunteers live about 5 years longer

    • Volunteers report greater life satisfaction

    • Volunteers display better overall health

    Additionally, reap these added benefits:

    • Solve Problems

    • Strengthen Communities

    • Improve Lives

    • Connect to Others

    • Transform Your Own Life

    Now, to the point. Will you volunteer for APICS Central Indiana Chapter?  We have needs on our Board of Directors, as well as for the committees that support our directors.  Your time commitment need not be great.  We can find and tailor a fit for what you are able and willing to do.

    Please join us. We’ll all benefit.

    -Peter Clonts, CPIM, CLTD

    President, Central Indiana Chapter

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    Calendar of Events

    • April PDM - What Do You Do When Your Forecast is Wrong?

      • Wednesday, April 25, 6:00 – 8:00 PM, University of Indianapolis

      • Alan Dunn, founder and President of Gerald E. Dunn, Inc., will describe a better forecasting framework and outline some specific ideas for dramatically improving the quality of your forecasts.

      • Register today on our website!


    • Stay tuned for more exciting events and opportunities!

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    Education Opportunities

      • We will be kicking off two education classes in early April, a public CLTD class and CPIM Part 1 for a local firm.  We would be glad to instruct APICS classes at YOUR facility, on a day and at time that best suits your schedule, if you have a minimum of five students.  Not that many students within your organization?  That’s okay, reach out to your neighbor companies and host an APICS development session for your area.  We will talk you through how to make this happen.  Just call Pru at 812-350-3861

      • Note:  We will begin posting our 2018 second semester public schedule soon.  Please look for it on our website.

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