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    President's Report

    Let me confess: I have visions.

    I’m not delusional (I know, that’s debatable); but, in fact, we all have visions.

    Don’t we? A vision for what our life is supposed to look like in 10 years, 5 years, 5 minutes.  The businesses in which we work have visions: “the preferred provider of XYZ, building a better/more effective/greener/more connected world.”  Mission/Vision/Strategy – we craft, learn, and embody these tag lines, and try to live them out day to day.

    Your family also has a vision, does it not? Whether your family consists of you, your cat and your barrista, or you have blood relatives totaling over twenty that invade your home during the holidays, you have a vision of what that looks like and how it is supposed to run.  Do you measure how you’re doing against that vision?  Do you discuss, communicate, and adjust that vision regularly?  I’m not trying to make family more work (it’s already enough work as it is, isn’t it?), but what do we do to stay united through adversity, prosperity, and everything else in-between?

    Let me get to the point: as we approach the end of the calendar year, the winter solstice, religious and secular holidays, let’s take a moment and do two things.

    1. Reflect. How are you doing toward your mission/vision/strategy, whether personal, professional, or familial? How might you improve/adjust course?

    2. Appreciate. Give thanks to those around you for the support they may not even know they give you. I have a work family, APICS family, and a “regular” family. I would not be able to do what I do in one of them without the support of the others.

    We have a brewery tour on December 7th @ Sun King, and I look upon that as an opportunity to celebrate the APICS family.  If I don’t see you there, happy holidays, and I'll see you in 2018! 


    -Peter Clonts, CPIM, CLTD

    APICS Central Indiana Chapter President

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    Calendar of Events

    • Networking Night at Sun King Brewery: Thursday, December 7 from 5:00 - 8:00 PM
      • The event includes a tour of the main brewing facility, a souvenir Sun King taster glass, sampling of 3 house beers as well as a seasonal or specialty beer, Sun King Brewery fun facts, delicious appetizers, and the chance to win some APICS swag and gift cards drawings. Sign up on our website!


    • Thank you for attending our 2017 events!  Below are a few highlights from this fall (Rolls-Royce tour, Cummins tour, November PDM).




    • Stay tuned for more exciting events in 2018!

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    Education Opportunities

    Start the new year out right, with a plan to develop yourself and enhance your career! 

    Look for the following 2018 classes on our website:

    • CPIM Part 1 – new format.   Saturday class scheduled to begin January 20.
    • CSCP.  Saturday class scheduled to begin February 17.
    • CPIM Part 2 – new format.  Saturday class scheduled to begin February 4.
    • CLTD.  Saturday class scheduled to begin April 7.
    • CPIM Part 1 – new format.  Evening classes which will start Feb 6.
    • CPIM Part 2 – new format.  Evening classes which will start Mar 20.

    We are considering adding Friday classes, as well as a few Principles sessions.   If these would be of interest to you please contact VP Education, Pru Strain-Gamso at 812-350-3861.


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