CPIM Part 2 - Roche Private Class

    October 19, 2018
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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    Roche Diagnostics Operations
    ?9115 North Hague Road
    Indianapolis, IN 46256

    This class is for individuals who want to gain knowledge, learn skills and best practices required to execute, control and improve all of the internal operations within the four walls of their company.

    Our instructor Led course is a comprehensive professional development and certification preparation training program.  It combines reading material and interactive web-based study tools to enhance the learning effectiveness.  This training was recently reformatted.  

    Our experienced, certified Instructor will lead you through the learning process.   The Learning System will consist of the following key elements  that compliment the course content to be covered by our Instructor: 

    • Pretest
    • SmartStudy Planning Tool
    • Online Videos
    • Flashcards and Glossary
    • Practice Tests and Quizzes
    • Resource Center


    CPIM Part 2 provides approximately 900 pages of reading material and over 1500 on-line practice questions, including the contents of the ECM (Exam Content Manual).

    The four Modules in Part two focus on internal operations; they are:

    • Module 1 - Strategic Management of Resources (SMR)
    • Module 2 - Master Planning of Resources (MPR)
    • Module 3 - Detailed Scheduling and Planning (DSP)
    • Module 4 - Execution and Control of Operation (ECO)


    $450.00 Members