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    Annual Chapter Awards

    Every year the Central Indiana Chapter recognizes outstanding contributions in our chapter area to the APICS body of knowledge and and the APICS Central Indiana community.

    For the 2017-2018 Chapter Year, please congratulate the following for those accomplishments!

    Instructor of the Year 

    Kimber Rueff, CPIM, C.P.M., CPSM, CSCP, CPF, CLTD, Green Belt

    Kimber has taught public as well as private classes, CPIM 1 and CSCP, is certified to lead all of our course offerings (CPIM, CSCP, CLTD), and always makes herself available to instruct whenever, wherever needed.  Her students are enthusiastic about what and how she delivers the course content, and strives to stay up-to-speed with instructor requirements and “teaching helps” so she can be as good as she can possibly be. Congratulations, Kimber!

    Company of the Year

    Rolls-Royce Corporation

    Currently supporting the chapter with 4 Board of Directors officers,  the company joined as a Corporate Member of APICS in 2018 and currently has 10 chapter members.  Rolls-Royce began in-house APICS Certification training in 2016, has held 2 APICS BOK classes this chapter year.  Additionally, CPIM Part 1 is now required training for certain roles.  Rolls-Royce, thank you for recognizing the value of the APICS body of knowledge!

    Board Member of the Year

    Lucia Villalobos, VP Programs.

    Lucia, a newcomer to the board, has done a remarkable job providing educational and networking opportunities for the chapter.  From excellent PDMs, plant tours, and innovating with a "midnight madness" event at Fedex, Lucia has fully embraced her role, as well as APICS in general, being one of our greatest advocates.

    Congratulations, Lucia!

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