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Demand-Driven MRP (DDMRP) is not just the latest catchphrase in supply chain management.  It is a methodology to address the challenges today's operations face.

Does your organization suffer from:

  • Inventory Shortages/Overages?                                                       
  • Frequent Schedule Changes?                                                                  
  • Unacceptable Customer Service?                                                               
  • Over-stressed Employees?


How did we get here?

  • Conventional supply chain management practices trace their roots back to the first true MRP systems in the mid 1960s.                         
  • Today's supply chains look nothing like the supply chains of the mid 1960s.  They are much more complex and volatile.                    
  • Despite this obvious difference in circumstances conventional MRP systems still plan precisely the same way today as they did 50 years ago!


The Central Indiana Chapter of APICS is providing two opportunities to learn about DDMRP:

  1. There is a one-day WORKSHOP (details below) that will provide a hands-on insight to the benefits DDMRP can provide.                                                                                          
  2. That same evening (October 3), we are having Professional Development Meeting with the Leader of the Workshop, John Melbye.

We highly recommend both events, so please opt for the best fit for your organization and your schedule.


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Upcoming PDM

Top Management Night

"Demand Driven MRP" with John Melbye

  • Do you find you have too little of the right inventory and too much of the wrong? 
  • Are you expediting all day long, only to find that you should have been working on something else? 
  • Is your schedule constantly changing, even though you have a “frozen” period? 


The bad news: The tools that we have been using are flawed. 

The good news: There is a solution that works.

Come learn about Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) and the potential to reduce inventoryimprove customer service and reduce the chaos that we call planning, buying and scheduling. 

This is the future of supply chain.  The time to start exploring it is NOW!

John Melbye, DDPP, DDLP, CSCP is a passionate supporter of The Demand Driven Institute, APICS, ASCM, Supply Chain and Education.  He has been working in Supply Chain and Lean, through various positions, for over 13 years in manufacturing at Parker Hannifin and Ecowater Systems. He has focused on right-sizing inventory, process development and improving material flow.  He is currently a full time APICS and DDI Instructor.

John is endorsed by the Demand Driven Institute for the Demand Driven Planner and Demand Driven Leader programs and the Demand Driven S&OP Simulation Experience.

BRING YOUR MANAGER to learn about the benefits both APICS and DDMRP provide!

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Event Spotlight!

This one-day unique Demand Driven S&OP (DDS&OP) Experience workshop will allow you and your team to experience and test the implementation of DEMAND DRIVEN MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS PLANNING (DDMRP) buffers in a simulated business environment powered by THE FRESH CONNECTION (TFC).

Specifically designed for senior or executive management and personnel seeking to demystify the demand driven methodologies, or who are required to support a DDMRP implementation. Presented with typical business constraints and challenges, participants go through a DDS&OP process to implement DDMRP. Using fundamental Demand Driven buffer rules teams discover the power and impact of DDMRP buffers strategically positioned to protect the flow.   

"All benefits will be directly related to the speed of flow of information and materials." George Plossl  

This workshop provides a broad and practical decision-making experience of implementing DDMRP buffer configuration in a simulated real-world environment. We cover concepts of DDMRP buffer methodology and experience the positive impact in a risk-free environment. The workshop progresses through the phases of  buffer configuraton, the Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM), through to initiation of DDS&OP processes.  

You will discover how implementing buffers in a budget constrained environment, typical of the real-world, can satisfy high service level expectations while systematically reducing inventory investment AND achieving an expected Return on Investment. The experience provides a platform for organizational change management, builds confidence for your DDMRP, DDOM and DDS&OP projects and is relevant for senior and executive business leaders as well as key operational leadership.


Demand Driven MRP at its core is a methodology to manage inventory in simple to complex and dynamic environments   Any company that experiences inventory shortages or overages, frequent schedule changes, unacceptable customer service or over-stressed employees will benefit. Does this sound like your business?


You will see managing the optimal range of the right inventory can be easier given the proper tools, training and analytics. You will experience achieving high service levels while reducing inventory levels using demand driven buffer methodology and adopting a Demand Driven Operating Model. You will gain the understanding that Sales & Operations Planning truly can be a bi-directional conversation. On completion delegates will have a good grasp of the Demand Driven methodologies, be able to motivate or make decisions on whether to pursue DDMRP as a business solution, and support their DDPP and DDLP certified project leads during a DDMRP implementation. 

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction." Albert Einstein

This workshop is co-branded and fully endorsed by the DEMAND DRIVEN INSTITUTE.


What can I bring into the event?

This workshop requires each person to connect with the internet using a personal device. Please bring your laptop, or similar device and charger. While you're at it, bring a colleague too. 

Contact us at [email protected]

Individual early bird: $50 off when you register by 9/26

Take advantage of our Group Discount! Bring your team of 4 for $2,200 

Earn 8 Certification Maintenance Points for attendance at this workshop!

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